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Sleeping Pills, or Buy Sleep Spray?

Curated article excerpt on natural alternatives to improve sleep, plus products like melatonin spray, and where to buy sleep spray in the market. Where to buy sprayable sleep may be a better approach to take than melatonin pills:

Lying in bed awake for hours is the easiest way to ruin your work week, and the temptation to swallow a melatonin in the moment to stop you from tossing and turning is real. But as any sleep doctor will tell you, melatonin and sleeping pills are best used in advance when you want to reset your sleep schedule. For actual long-term insomnia prevention, it may require changing up your bedtime routine rather than simply popping one back whenever you can’t sleep.

Below, we asked Dr. Param Dedhia—the Director of Sleep Medicine at Canyon Ranch in Tuscon—for his best advice on how to improve sleep quality and fall asleep faster by making a few small tweaks to our nighttime routine.

1. Skip the Nightcap

When a glass of wine close to bedtime (maybe even to help you nod off faster) sounds appealing, it’s probably best to rethink it. Dedhia says, “If you must drink alcohol at night, make sure you finish at least two hours before going to sleep. Limiting the amount of alcohol intake will help ease into a better night’s sleep as each serving of alcohol takes two hours to get through your system.”

2. Smell the Roses

The benefits of using essential oils have been extolled by holistic health experts before and Dedhia says that certain scents are especially great sleep aids. “Sensual smells such as roses, vanilla, or lavender help with relaxation, so adding just a spritz of lavender on the pillow can help you fall asleep faster.” Try This Works’ best-selling deep sleep spray, infused with lavender and chamomile, for starters…

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Taking Advantage of the Online Casino Bonus Codes

A great column about Planet 7 Casino bonus codes and similar online discounts available from competitors like the Las Vegas USA Casino:

By Adam Kingston

Modern poker rooms have a remarkable feature in the form of bonus codes systems and it is primarily meant to lure the newcomer to the gambling circuit. Online casino is an attraction not only to the experienced gambling pro but also the gaming enthusiast who wants top class entertainment and the chance of winning money.

Making use of the bonus codes at an online casino you may enjoy free play while earning good money at the same time. Usually playing for free does not make you eligible for any wins as free downloads are primarily meant for practice, but bonus codes comes with lots of promises.

Compared to the availability of bonuses only when you play with a real money account, you can play for free but still qualify for bonuses. The new players as well as the seasoned members who are in the scene for quite a long time may play for free and avail of the bonuses at the same time.

Get involved with shopping for free at the casino’s expense

These are like free samples or discounted casino features that are loaded up to remain one up on a competitor. When you play poker, your account would be credited with the bonus upfront.

As you log on to the poker room and type your bonus code, your account shall be loaded right away. This sounds anything like free shopping at the toll of the online casino and these are additional incentives that are not seen elsewhere. There is no way you can avail of this stuff at any land based casino.

These are accessible in poker playing rooms and one has to check out on them to avail of the benefits of honest bonuses. Even if you are a beginner in poker, you can play free of charge and develop your gaming strategies so you can have a chance at bonuses.

Once you shop for a new product or once a product is suggested unto you for some marketing promotion strategy, that is usually given for free. If you tried them and you were satisfied, you tend to buy more of them. Bonus codes and discounts may vary among different members.

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Forskolin and New Solutions to UTIs

An approach involving pure forskolin extract appears to be the way to clear urinary tract infections, or UTIs, according to a new study.

The process cells use to secrete chemicals also appears to be the way to clear urinary tract infections, or UTIs, according to a study by researchers from Duke Health and Duke-National University of Singapore Medical School.

The process, which was previously understood to be a way for cells to release soluble materials such as hormones, has been redefined as playing an equally crucial role in protecting the body against infections.

The study, using mice and cultured human bladder cells and reported July 19th in the journal Immunity, not only describes how the cells lining the bladder fight UTI-causing bacteria through the proteins used for cellular secretion, but also suggests new targets for developing remedies for UTIs.


“There is growing interest in identifying new ways to fight UTIs as bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics,” said senior author Soman Abraham, Ph.D. He is a professor in the Departments of Pathology, Immunology, and Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Duke University School of Medicine, and is a professor in the Program in Emerging Infectious Diseases at Duke-National University of Singapore Medical School.

Urinary tract infections are the second-most prevalent type of bacterial infection. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, UTI’s account for about 8.1 million medical visits a year in the U.S.

Abraham and colleagues have led numerous studies analyzing the immune responses to UTIs. Their research revealed bladder cells actively resist bacterial infection by rapidly expelling invading bacteria to be subsequently cleared in the urine.

The team had previously reported that this expulsion is partially mediated by lysosomes, structures inside the cells that ordinarily degrade waste. Harmful bacteria are shuttled into the lysosomes, which carry them to the cell surface, where they are expelled.

The current study builds on this research, describing another equally powerful mechanism, which works in conjunction with the lysosomes to expel as many bacteria as possible.

“Infecting bacteria are typically encased in a membrane following an invasion of the bladder wall,” said Yuxuan Miao, Ph.D., first author of the paper. “We found that the cell’s machinery for secreting hormones was capable of recognizing these membrane-encased bacteria and exporting them out of the cell. Our studies also identified, for the first time, the critical ‘pick-me-up’ signal on the bacteria-encasing membrane responsible for initiating the cell’s export process.”

“In the past, we identified a plant extract called Forskolin, which has a strong impact on UTIs, even in the absence of antibiotics,” Abraham said. “Unfortunately, we didn’t understand how it worked. These latest findings could provide the key to how the herb effectively combats UTIs.”

Abraham said Forskolin had been known to have a dramatic effect on enhancing the cellular secretion process, and the new research demonstrates that this process is also responsible for bacterial expulsion.

“If this link can be established, we could help advance the case for testing the herb and other similar-acting drugs as a potential new treatment for UTIs,” Abraham said.

Story Source:

Materials provided by Duke Health. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

Journal Reference:
Yuxuan Miao, Jianxuan Wu, Soman N. Abraham. Ubiquitination of Innate Immune Regulator TRAF3 Orchestrates Expulsion of Intracellular Bacteria by Exocyst Complex. Immunity, 2016; 45 (1): 94 DOI: 10.1016/j.immuni.2016.06.023